Chala Number 2 across the road from one of Chiang Mai’s premier attractions which is also of great religious significance to the city’s predominantly Buddhist population, Wat Chedi Luang. Built in 1441, the temple’s towering chedi (pagoda) was likely the largest manmade structure in the Lanna Kingdom until it was hit by an earthquake in the 16th century, its broken remains are an impressive sight nonetheless. Set within the compound of this auspicious temple is the Inthakin City Pillar, locally called the naval of the city, believed to have been erected by King Mengrai, the founder of the city, himself. The hotel looks out at this important city landmark.

Within walking distance of  Chala Number 6 are numerous important attractions such as the Chiang Mai City Art and Culture Centre, the Three Kings Monument, over thirty temples, many dating to the founding days of the city, as well as some of the best restaurants, bars, spas and boutiques the city has to offer.

Charming communities of craftspeople are within short walking distance to the hotel such as the Wualai silversmiths or the Chang Moi rattan weavers, making for great souvenir shopping. There are also bustling markets nearby, with the famous street food of Chiang Mai Gate’s street market being a mere five minutes’ stroll away. 

Each Sunday the area comes alive with the famous Sunday Walking Street, a weekly activity featuring local crafts, arts, souvenirs, local and international food as well as a festive vibe which attracts thousands; guests of Chala Number 6 have merely to step out of the hotel lobby to join the sanuk - fun!